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About Dynamic Emergence

What is Dynamic Emergence?

"Becoming Fully You...

Dynamic Emergence is our amazing conscious creativity. It is about how we come to be in each others' company. Find out who - and what - you actually are from the perspective of energy, dynamics, and creative evolutionary flow. Connect to earth, to your life, to your essence, and to novelty. Become again, emerge, and rise.

  • The phenomena of novelty arising when two or more elements meet.
  • Nothing is fixed.
  • Energy waits to be noticed... and when it is, it rises.

What can I do here?

Join us and become part of a loving, growing community of people understanding our relationship to physics, metaphysics, energy, psychology, love, creativity, and the evolution of our own consciousness. It's about relationships; sharing with the community what you are learning, thinking, and creating, when you do the DE courses or any of the self-development courses. They are geared to help you grow your own life or that of your clients, your working groups, and activity groups. Whatever you do in life, knowing how DE works will activate your joy, deep connection, sense of playfulness and freedom, and a willingness to speak up, sing out, articulate, proclaim, advocate and inspire. We have so much to give - we just need to release it. Come and be you!


Come to the Dynamic Emergence site to see what courses are on offer. At the moment you can register for; 

  1. DE - Fast Track: self-directed, self-timed compacted course. Same materials as the full course, but quicker more personalized scheduling.
  2. DE - Full-length Course: more project-based, with synchronous weekly zoom classes. (6-month course)
  3. 7 Stages of Self-Transformation: personal discovery course to help release your creative energy in a self-reflective way.


Benefit from Clare's coaching - individually, as a cohort, as a professional team, or simply a focused group. Discover the tie-in between your personal freedom, your creativity, and your ability to envision - and participate in - the creation of a better life. Communication is key to our development and a wonderful area to focus on to facilitate this kind of needs-meeting unique life.

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